Ten REALLY Bold Ways to Transform US Education

I'm not a reformer. It's not that things don't need to change-it's that they need to change in such massive ways that "reform" doesn't even begin to touch it. I'm not a policy wonk or researcher either, but I do admire those who focus on the stats and the details of what is working (and what isn't) and who write about what might be done to improve schools [...]

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Virtual Teams in Education

The future of business is not in brick and mortar institutions as historically viewed. The proliferation and miniaturization of communications mediums, cellular telephone, [...]

Customer Relationship Management – 10 Ways to Develop Trust and Attract New Customers Magnetically

The success of any business depends on how you manage and build your relationship with the customers. Providing information about your business in detail on your website will [...]

8 Ways To Develop Trust Online

In a world before the Internet, email, teleconferencing, web conferencing, and fax communications most business was done in person. People met face to face. They communicated [...]

Becoming A Wellness Educator and Developing Trust In Clients

Becoming a health and wellness educator could offer a rewarding business opportunity once you've completed the necessary training and earned your certifications. Do you [...]

Early Childhood Education Planning Tips

While no child is alike and each family is unique, a common tread run deep in the heart of every home - the desire of parent is to give their children the BEST education [...]